By Connie Hartke, V.P. – Communications, Rescue Reston


Volunteer to Collect Petition Signatures at the Reston Farmer's Market

Rescue Reston needs volunteers to collect signatures at each Saturday morning Reston Farmer’s Market. Even 30 minutes of your time helps to further our cause. Click Here to Sign Up.

Volunteer Diane Lewis and I have been at the last two Reston Farmer’s Markets getting signatures on the Rescue Reston petition. We sit at a small table on the side with the other community non-profits, and as folks come by and ask what Rescue Reston is about, we give them our Frequently Asked Questions page and ask them to sign the petition. In the last two weekends we have gotten 70 signatures! More importantly, we’ve helped 70 more people understand the issue around saving the 166 acres of open space in Reston.

Can you help on an upcoming Saturday morning? Any time you can spend volunteering helps. If we can get 2-3 volunteers to split a morning, it is a lot easier than finding someone who can volunteer the entire morning. Diane will be there this Saturday July 20, 2013 when the market opens at 8 a.m., and I will be there by 10 a.m. to relieve her. If you visit the market this weekend, please stop by to see what we’re doing and let us know if you can help another time. Given the heat, if you could cover for us for even 10 minutes while we go get a cool drink, we’d be grateful.

Remember — open space lost is open space lost forever.

We’ve set up a signup sheet, please click here to volunteer. Thank you for your continued support.