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 New statements from Chairman candidates – scroll down to read


The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will determine if Reston’s golf courses succumb to housing development


Vote in the June 11 Primary Election!


Which Hunter Mill District Supervisor candidates will hold firm that there is NO HOUSING on Reston’s 2 Open Space golf courses? Scroll down to read their statements (if they gave us one).

 View the April Reston Citizens Association forum on YouTube


Candidates’ Positions on Reston’s 2 Golf Courses

There are 5 declared candidates at this date for the Hunter Mill District. The names below are linked to each candidate’s website. There will be opportunities to hear them at candidate forums, and we will post that information as it becomes available. Mark your calendar for Tuesday, June 11 (primary election) and Tuesday, November 5 (election day). Listed chronologically by announcement date. 

  • Parker Messick
    “I am firmly against rezoning, in any form, the Reston National and Hidden Creek Golf Courses. These spaces need to remain golf courses. Reston attracts a diverse population due to the breadth of facilities we offer.”
  • Shyamali Hauth
    “Maintaining our green spaces is an essential element in keeping our air clean, ensuring the best quality of life for our citizens, and providing a habitat for wild life. Reston was designed with two open space golf courses as part of its design. I fully support and will actively work to ensure we always retain this integral open space in our community.”
  • Laurie Dodd
    “Reston’s two golf courses must be protected from any development, as they provide our community with open areas to walk, run, enjoy wildlife, and breathe fresh air.”
  • Walter Alcorn
    “During the past several years the landowners of Reston’s golf courses have sought to redevelop the courses into something else, and such proposals go against the adopted comprehensive plan. As Hunter Mill Supervisor I would strengthen the role of affected residents by not initiating any possible change to the comprehensive plan until communities surrounding the courses so requested (i.e., residents in affected clusters – not developer-owned properties). Even then there must be support from the broader community (e.g., golfers, users of the trails through the course).   Absent such support the golf courses should remain golf courses.”
  • Maggie Parker


You will also vote for Chairperson of the Board of Supervisors

Candidates announced to date are (click name to view each website): 


What Does Our Supervisor Do?

  • Supervisor Cathy Hudgins has supported the open space designation of the golf courses in the past, and she is our representative through 2019. Read her latest newsletter here.
  • Learn about the Supervisor’s position. Reston is not a town or a city. The Supervisor is essentially our “mayor.”
  • 2019 – Election Year for Fairfax Co Supervisors

    If the current zoning of the two 18-hole golf courses is respected and preserved, then we will keep housing off the courses and preserve our dwindling open green space in Reston. Because the current zoning as private recreational space (specifically as golf courses) is enshrined in the Reston Master Plan, any zoning change would require approval from the county Board of Supervisors, with input from the county planning commission.

    We know that the owner of Hidden Creek Country Club is working to gain support for an out-of-turn plan amendment to put housing on this Open Space.

    The owners of Reston National Golf Course are still hoping to sell to another speculator who wants to develop housing on the open space.





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