Today, our attorney received notification from the attorneys for Reston National Golf Course (RN Golf, LLC) of their decision to not appeal the December 4, 2015 Fairfax County Circuit Court decision that granted the motion for summary judgment filed by Fairfax County. As previously reported, RN Golf attorneys had filed their notice of appeal on December 22, 2015.

While RN Golf has stated they do not intend to take the case to the Virginia Supreme Court, they are keeping their options open to “pursue available development options in the future.”

Rescue Reston views today’s action as a very positive moment in the fight to save the 166 acres of open, recreational space that is integral to Reston’s vision as a Planned Residential Community. We are incredibly grateful for the actions of Reston residents, Rescue Reston members, Reston Association and Fairfax County and in awe of how the community stood together during this arduous process.

Rescue Reston will provide updates soon regarding ongoing actions needed to remain vigilant in monitoring and continuing to protect this valuable Reston amenity.

Click here to read the full letter from RNGC’s attorney.