When Rescue Reston started as a grass roots effort just about three years ago, we thought the issues surrounding the process for potential development of Reston National Golf Course would be resolved quickly. So we quickly built a website that met the needs at the time.

Of course, we now know that we’re probably in this for the long run and need a more robust platform to educate, inform and raise funds to continue the battle to save the 166 acres of open space at RNGC.

We’d like to thank board member Robin Hogan, and her team at her company, Bleevit Interactive, for designing, building and hosting this website for Rescue Reston. We appreciate her company’s commitment to helping improve the user experience and make sure that our site is secure and operational.

Importantly, we want you to know where some of the features you are used to seeing on the site can be found. The old site was in a blog format, so whatever was most recently posted showed up on the front page of the site. You can now access the latest updates at the bottom of the Home page or by visiting the Updates page, which lists all of our updates in descending chronological order.

Take some time and navigate through the new site, and don’t forget to sign up to sponsor and/or play at the upcoming 1st Annual Rescue Reston Golf Classic tournament. Read more about it here.