In the weeks since our 10th Anniversary for Open Space on October 15th, we’ve had the opportunity to reflect on how fortunate we are to have chosen Reston as our hometown. Whether you’ve lived here for decades or are a newcomer, the community of Reston provides ample ways to get involved and find enjoyment through social meetups, educational and arts-based events, walking, biking, and of course, golfing.

We thank you for choosing to be a supporter of Rescue Reston’s cause of ensuring that development in our town remains planned, and fighting against the unplanned development of Reston’s two golf courses by investors/developers.

Your vital support this year (and over the past 10 years) made a HUGE difference in ensuring that our elected officials knew that the community clearly said no to developing open space that has been designated that way since Reston’s inception. 

During the month of October, Fairfax County held an open period where any property owner could nominate a property for a Site Specific Plan Amendment (SSPA).

Property owners and their representatives submitted 75 SSPA applications over the entirety of Fairfax County, with 15 nominations for the Hunter Mill District, more than any other District in the County. As we have long expected, both Hidden Creek Country Club and Reston National Golf Course owners submitted SSPA applications for developing the golf course properties. We first warned readers of this in our September 2021 newsletter.

Rescue Reston is keeping our eyes on the SSPA process and will communicate updates as we receive them to you, our valued neighbors and dedicated supporters. On December 6, each Supervisor will make a motion regarding the nominations in their District. All of you who contacted Supervisor Alcorn previously have been very instrumental in our holding steady at this point.

Wishing you a joyful, peaceful Thanksgiving Day with family and friends.

Rescue Reston


P.S. – If you are curious, look at the last column, “Summary of Proposed Comprehensive Plan Change” in the Hunter Mill District list of nominations. You will see many references to higher density, mixed-use residential, etc. If you’d like to get more involved with monitoring the land use planning, Reston Citizens Association would like your help! There is a lot of activity to track. Contact to get involved.