Annual Board of Directors Election

The Reston Association holds elections every spring to fill vacancies on its nine-member Board of Directors. According to the RA website, the Board of Directors is “responsible to RA members for determining and organizing broad organizational goals,” including protecting Reston’s natural beauty, environment, and open space and maintaining Reston’s quality of life.

The RA Board of Directors often advocates on behalf of RA members to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. This is why Rescue Reston suggests CC’ing the RA Board when writing to our County Supervisors about protecting Reston’s open green space.

The 20,000+ households that are Reston Association members will receive election information by mail and can vote online or by mail-in ballot from March 2 to April 3.

RA Directors' Role in Protecting Reston's Open, Green Space

To publicly give its support for protecting the green, open space of Reston’s two golf courses, the RA Board of Directors in December 2016 adopted Land Use Resolution 6 on Golf Course policy that still stands and states:

WHEREAS, since its inception in 1961, Reston has been a golf course community; and,

WHEREAS, the Hidden Creek and Reston National golf courses are an essential element of Reston because of their integration into Reston’s natural open space areas and because of the active recreational opportunities they provide.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Reston Association desires to continue to be a golf course community; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT Reston Association does not support any future “grid of streets” road connection between American Dream Way and Isaac Newton Square because it will adversely affect the Hidden Creek golf course.

ATTEST:  This Resolution was adopted at a Regular Meeting of the Reston Association’s Board of Directors held on December 15, 2016. 

Candidates' Positions on Preserving Reston's Two Golf Courses

Rescue Reston gave candidates the opportunity to state their position on Land Use Resolution 6/Golf Course Policy.  Here are their responses as well as excerpts from their candidate statements that are relevant to protecting Reston’s open space.

*** Please note that ALL RA members can vote for the At-Large Directors. ***

Running for At-Large Director (3-year term)

Robert Petrine

Statement Provided to Rescue Reston Regarding RA’s Golf Course Policy Resolution:

Reston Association’s Golf Course Policy adopted in 2016 is excellent. I wholeheartedly support keeping Reston’s two golf courses as they are.

Reston is one of 20 cities globally that has been designated a Biophilic Community. As such, we as a community need to continue the work that is already underway to ensure that Reston is at the forefront of planning for and adapting to climate change. Our golf courses add significantly to our efforts to mitigate environmental destruction so evident at most development sites around the metro area.

Open space golf courses are necessary for multiple important reasons:

Reston is a planned community with hidden density which must be counterbalanced by zero density spaces such as our two golf courses. The huge densities recently approved in the Transit Station Areas (TSA’s) make this zero-density open space even more important.

Fairfax County’s own requirements for rec facilities predicates two golf courses. Golf is thriving on these two courses despite efforts by owners of both to sell out to residential developers.

Homes in adjacent neighborhoods were planned and are occupied by persons who paid premium prices for peaceful, natural golf course views. Their county tax bills also reflect this relationship!

All Reston residents have use and enjoyment of RA’s walking paths that traverse both courses.

  • Golf Course walking paths are some of the most valuable amenities in Reston serving thousands of people.
  • These paths are permanent easements that must never be abandoned.
  • The ecological function of the golf courses is well documented by Doug Britt’s recent Op Ed in Reston Now Golf Courses Can Be Environmental Assets in Urban Settings
  • The wildlife observed by walkers on these paths is often highlighted as part of their “Reston experience”.
  • Golf course paths become even more important as we encourage people to walk vs. use vehicles.
  • Access to nature soothes the soul…a much more important health factor in each passing day.

Most important, we are RESTON. We are not nor do we choose to be UNPLANNED. Reston is a successful suburban community BECAUSE of pre-planning what goes where and how much. The debate rages around the more URBAN TSA areas and the desire of some to urbanize all of Reston. I do NOT agree with urbanizing original Reston. Our infrastructure is over capacity now with little funding to correct these deficits. We must cope with the complexities of the highly dense TSA corridor dividing Reston, BUT how is making us more dysfunctional in anyone’s long-term interest?

I fully support Rescue Reston’s mission of protecting our two golf courses as open space, preferably as golf courses.

“The content of this campaign material has been reviewed and approved by Robert T Petrine.”

From candidate statement:

I have testified before the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission on land use. …Bob Simon’s planning principles are as significant today as when they were written 60 years ago.  However, the approved development of the TSA area flanking the Dulles Toll Road and the possible encroachment into the PRC (original, residential Reston) have taken place without meaningful community involvement.  The upcoming review of the Reston Master Plan is a critical event in Reston’s future.  RA should be our primary advocate.  RA needs to build consensus around what Reston’s long-term vision will be.


Kerri Bouie

Statement Provided to Rescue Reston Regarding RA’s Golf Course Policy Resolution:

The Comprehensive Plan for the county today calls for two golf courses in Reston. Any change to the plan would have to be initiated by the Hunter Mill Supervisor and approved by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. Public hearings would be conducted during this discussion with all residents being able to express their opinions.

It is critically important to protect our open, and green spaces as well as protecting our streams and wildlife habitat. Both golf courses are privately owned with only one providing public access, and that is Reston National, so the only benefit to RA members who wish to use the courses is to pay for access or a membership.

I am in full agreement with the One Fairfax policy adopted by the Board of Supervisors that calls for making all decisions through an equity lens in providing services to the community for all residents. I fully support that ethos.


Running for At-Large Director (1-year term)

Paul Berry

Statement Provided to Rescue Reston Regarding RA’s Golf Course Policy Resolution:

I believe Reston’s two golf courses should be preserved in their existing state, without development, as originally intended. Furthermore, I am against any resolution or binding decision that would alter the open space or repurpose the golf courses. We must preserve these unique spaces and protect all our natural areas throughout Reston.

Reston has acted as a template for positive, balanced growth in Northern Virginia since Bob Simon purchased the original 6,750 acre parcel in 1961. Over the years, I believe Reston has struck a good balance between growing with other parts of the county and preserving the open and recreational spaces used by residents, visitors, and tourists alike. Striking that balance is key to not getting left behind from the bigger mosaic of Northern Virginia.

My goal as a member of the Board of Directors is to ensure Reston does not get left out from the positive factors increasing our quality of life, while mitigating negative externalities accompanying the positive features such as unnecessary paving, increased car traffic, noise & light pollution, and removal of trees, walking paths, and green spaces.

I’ve been a Governor’s Appointee for two years, and as I’ve worked to solve problems at the level of the commonwealth I’ve noticed the same issues and opportunities present themselves here in Reston. Preserving natural spaces, building a diverse community, planning future growth, and welcoming new residents are things every part of Virginia faces. In this sense, Reston is a microcosm of Virginia and it is the collective engagement of our community that has helped retain Bob Simon’s vision as we devise solutions to these opportunities.

As we approach the 60th anniversary of Bob’s original purchase, we should celebrate that success by advancing our commitment to the residents of Reston and preserve the spaces we have created for our enjoyment, engagement, and community spirit.

Candidate statement:

Ensure that Reston maintains its unique character and continues to act as a template for positive growth in Northern Virginia.


Sarah Selvaraj-Dsouza

Statement Provided to Rescue Reston Regarding RA’s Golf Course Policy Resolution:

I fully and wholeheartedly support preserving the current zoning for Reston’s two golf courses. I am fortunate to call Reston National my backyard. But this is not just about my family and my neighbors, our entire community benefits from traversing these open, green recreational spaces on RA’s pathways. Reston Association’s Board must be a strong and prominent advocate in ensuring Reston National and Hidden Creek maintain zero density and current land use designations. Please visit or follow me @sarah4reston on social media for more info on this and also for details of a community event I’m hosting at Hidden Creek Country Club with a panel of clusters and community leaders on this very topic.


Running for Hunters Woods/Dogwood Director (3-year term)

Caren Anton

From candidate statement:

Goal: Encourage civil discourse with County officials regarding Members’ concerns about over development and fears of losing what is unique about Reston.