When will the golf course controversy be over?
As long as there exists even the slightest possibility that either golf course property could be redeveloped into residential or commercial square footage, speculative developers will try to pillage the land. We can relax only if the land is put into a perpetual conservation easement.

What is the status of both properties?
Reston National Golf Course (RNGC) and Hidden Creek Country Club (HCCC) have the same zoning and land use designation. The Reston portion of the County Comprehensive Plan states that the golf courses are planned for private recreation use, more specifically to remain as golf courses.

Can we stop development of the courses?
Yes, if the majority of us stick together.  Changing the land use designation to something other than recreational open space use will require an amendment to the County Comprehensive Plan, which ultimately is up to the Board of Supervisors to allow or deny. Your votes, support and voices when called on matter greatly.  Read what to do here.

What does the County say?
“The plan approved in 2015 was specifically written to protect the existing stable residential communities and reinforce the preservation of Reston’s two golf courses.”  – Supervisor Cathy Hudgins, 4/23/2018

Why don’t I hear much about the fight at Reston National Golf Course these days?
It is the normal nature of the commercial real estate business. Nothing will happen for many months or years and then suddenly there is an announcement of a Comprehensive Plan Amendment filed along with a Development Plan and Planned Residential Community Plan. These will require multiple public hearings—and it is critical that you stay alert for communications from us on action plans.

I don’t play golf and I don’t live near the golf course, so why should I care?
Rescue Reston’s action is not so much about the golf as it is about the promised amenity of open space in Reston. Going back to the founding concepts of Reston—with the first Reston Master Plan in 1962—the Reston National and Hidden Creek properties were listed as “Permanent Open Space.” The courses are home to a large cadre of wildlife, and Reston residents and visitors make use of trails abutting these beautiful community resources. The permeable ground helps maintain the health of the downstream watershed. RNGC is a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program Golf Course, and Rescue Reston has the support of the Great Falls Group of the Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club in defending against this unplanned residential development.

What does Rescue Reston want the public to think about?

  • Reston gains nothing if it sacrifices one amenity for another. The net sum gain would be zero.
  • With all of the planned development coming to Reston, this is not the time to decide to give up recreational open space that costs Fairfax County taxpayers and Reston Association members nothing.
  • Conceding even one small patch will open the floodgates for loss of open space. Any residential development would set a precedent for destruction of other open space within Reston and Fairfax County.

What can we do?

  • Stay committed, informed and firm – NO housing on the golf courses – NO compromise
  • More on how you can help here.
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