View Reston Citizens Association press release on meeting with We Are Golf Executive Director Steve Mona
Wheelock Communities, owner of Hidden Creek Country Club, is looking to bulldoze another successful golf course, Bardmoor Golf and Tennis Club on the west coast of Florida. This privately owned, open to the public course has an open space land use designation similar to our courses. A local resident there echoes what we’ve been saying here since our battle for Open Space began in 2012: “As residents of Pinellas County, we have to protect our green spaces, we have enough concrete and before you know it we will lose it all if we don’t fight to protect the little green space that is left. This is not just about Bardmoor.”
~Jennifer Sullivan

Rescue Reston and Save Bardmoor are now actively sharing information. Save Bardmoor has put up an informative fact-filled page debunking the developer’s myth that golf is on a downward trend. Our own research shows that golf is doing just fine in Northern Virginia. All of the courses in nearby communities report that they are at or near their membership caps: Country Club of FairfaxInternational Country Club in Fairfax (note that Fairfax is supporting TWO private courses), River Bend Country Club in Great FallsWestfields Golf Club in Clifton and Westwood Country Club in Vienna.

If you need a reminder on the advantages of privately owned recreational space, read this article that appeared in Around Reston magazine.