Fact – With less than 2 days notice, over 100 citizens gathered to send a message to those bidding on the Reston National Golf Course property that we stand ready to defend the Open Space land use designation of this property.  This is a small sample of the hordes to expect at public hearings should any prospective purchaser think they are going to develop the land into any purpose other than recreational open space.

Fact – Reston National Golf Course has a zoning land use designation of Open Space. The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors added strong language in the Comprehensive Plan regarding both Reston golf courses. It spelled them out by names and tax map numbers. Both “are planned for private recreation use, more specifically to remain as golf courses.”

Fact – Property owners have property rights. The owner of RNGC is free to sell it, but listing it with “the largest full-service investment advisory brokerage firm in the nation that focuses exclusively on the multihousing industry” (source: ARA website) seems a bit . . . misleading.

Fact – Property owners must follow county process for requesting a land use designation change. Any residential development plan would require a review by County Planning Commission staff, a public hearing before the County Planning Commission, a public hearing before the County Board of Supervisors, and ultimately an amendment to the County Comprehensive Plan IF approved by the BoS. That’s a big IF.

Fact – That’s our County Supervisor Hudgins at the point of the N in the Reston NO in front of the Northwestern Mutual office – https://patch.com/virginia/reston/developers-eyeing-reston-national-golf-course-should-think-twice-county-supervisor.

Fact – This privately owned public golf course is managed by Billy Casper Golf, headquartered in Reston. RNGC employees were recognized in early March by their employer at a recent awards event — RNGC is a regional winner for “Top Performer of the Year.” Scroll half way down the page to see: http://www.billycaspergolf.com/people/our-people

Fact – For the non-golfers, wildlife lovers and staunch environmentalists: Reston National Golf Course is far more than a golf course. It follows Audubon International environmental management practices and is a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program golf course. It’s home to an amazing variety of wildlife, including foxes, deer, and birds. The course contains “old field habitat with hardwood cover,” which is one of the most endangered types of habitat in Fairfax County. This article by Bill Burton gives a great perspective on the wildlife habitats at RNGC – http://bit.ly/Burton-RNGC. Reston Association paths running through and around it are enjoyed daily by walkers and runners.