Hidden Creek development is not happening, according to a statement issued this morning by Hunter Mill Supervisor Walter Alcorn. 

Thanks to you, Supervisor Alcorn heard in overwhelming numbers that the community didn’t want the Hidden Creek property redeveloped. Our collective voices made a difference, THANK YOU for answering the call-to-action!

“The Reston community’s voice has been clear and strong on the Hidden Creek issue. We thank Supervisor Alcorn for listening and being responsive to the thousands of people who have contacted his office and been engaged in the campaign to preserve this open space,” said Lynne Mulston, chair of Rescue Reston’s north course committee.
“Rescue Reston’s long-time supporters know that though today’s announcement is a major victory, the threat to Reston’s planned open space is not over,” said Connie Hartke, president of Rescue Reston, the organization behind the campaign opposing development at Hidden Creek.
“We certainly welcome the relief from the pressure of those who wish to rip out the fabric of Reston’s planning. The Rescue Reston team will remain vigilant and we encourage posting of our open space yard signs as the exclamation point to our Supervisor’s message,” Hartke said.