If you live in Fairfax County – we need you to email your County Supervisor NOW asking to appeal the BZA decision.

Below is a sample email. Copy and paste with your name and home address or modify as you choose. Live in a different district than Hunter Mill? Check here to find your District Supervisor’s email: www.fairfaxcounty.gov/government/board/.

To: huntermill@fairfaxcounty.gov
cc: chairman@fairfaxcounty.gov

Subject: Allow an Appeal of the BZA Decision regarding Reston National Golf Course

Dear Supervisor Hudgins,

I am writing to request that you authorize the County Attorney to appeal to the Circuit Court the BZA’s April 15, 2015, decision in Appeal Application A 2012-HM-020, RN Golf Management, LLC, Tax Map Ref Nos. 17-4 ((11))4A, 26-1((2))8 and 26-1((5))4. This appeal involved the Reston National Golf Course property.

The BZA’s decision was legally and factually wrong and needs to be appealed to the Court. It patently disregarded the approved development plans for the Reston National Golf Course, as well as the adopted Reston Master Plan and the County’s Comprehensive Plan, all of which only allow golf course and open space uses of the golf course property. Because of the findings and conclusions made by the BZA in conjunction with its decision, including some that the BZA failed to even put in its decision motion, it is patently obvious that the legislatively-approved RPC development plans for the property, certified by the Zoning Administrator as the final approved plans, were disregarded by the BZA. Letting the BZA ruling stand unchallenged will disadvantage, now and in the future, the County and the Reston community from being able to regulate and control redevelopment requests for the 166-acre golf course property and potentially other properties in Reston within the RPC/PRC District. The BZA’s ruling also could negatively impact other properties across the County in any situation in which the zoning staff was unable to locate pertinent County records in what the BZA determined was a “timely” manner.

The BZA’s decision needs to be challenged in the Circuit Court.


(your name)
(your home address)

cc: Honorable Sharon Bulova