The developers’ CLAIMReston has more documented harmful invasive plants than any other community in the County

  • FACTReston does have more documented only because Reston monitors and reports them to a national database, not because it has more invasive plants.

The developers’ CLAIM: Little is being done locally to address the invasive plant problem

  • FACTRA employs staff and volunteers to help remove and destroy invasive plants in its common areas and provides a guide for residents detailing how to control the most invasive plants on their properties.
  • FACTKemperSports, which currently operates RNGC, has established several pollinator gardens on the golf course – all planted with non-invasive native plants.

The developers’ CLAIM:  Golf course operations are harming water quality in Lake Thoreau

  • FACT: Lake Thoreau historically has the best water quality of the four Reston lakes. In fact, Lake Thoreau’s water quality is better than Lake Newport and Lake Anne, the two lakes that have no golf courses in their watersheds.
  • FACT: The 2020 deleterious algal bloom in Lake Thoreau was caused by nutrients released from dead & decaying aquatic plants that were intentionally treated with an herbicide. Fertilizer runoff was not the cause.
  • FACT: Stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces (buildings, roads, parking lots, etc.) represents the most serious threat to Lake Thoreau. Further development in its watershed will only exacerbate the threat.

We can stop unplanned development on these two properties. How? To change the current land use designation of permanent open space, the developers must get the County Board of Supervisors to open the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan. It is critical for all supporters of Reston’s Open Space to let Supervisor Alcorn know that you oppose any action that would change the Comprehensive Plan’s designation of RNGC and Hidden Creek as open space golf courses.

Help protect Reston’s open green space by emailing your local elected officials to share your view – #NoCompPlanChange. Our Advocacy Action Center makes it quick and easy to send your message to the officials who represent you based on your home address.