Rescue Reston Will Appeal to Circuit Court

Rescue Reston’s attorney Randy Greehan is working diligently on our appeal which will be filed by the May 15 deadline. Read more about Mr. Greehan’s experience here:¬† On Monday evening Reston Association will hear...

Action Alert

If you live in Fairfax County – we need you to email your County Supervisor NOW asking to appeal the BZA decision. Below is a sample email. Copy and paste with your name and home address or modify as you choose. Live in a different district than Hunter Mill?...

County requests clarification from BZA

In preparation for a potential appeal, the Fairfax County Zoning Administrator has formally requested a clarification of the vague April 15, 2015 BZA determination on the status of Reston National Golf Course. Copies were sent to attorneys for Fairfax County, Reston...
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