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"The Reston National Golf Course area should remain as open space forever."

- Robert Simon, Founder of Reston, August 14, 2015

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The Kids of the 13th Fairway have released a new video!

Reston Connection Article

Ed Hass knows where the foxes keep their dens along the Reston National Golf Course. He found an occupied den this spring, and when the kits were born he took more than 100 photos.

Fairfax Times Editorial

“Should NML prevail and we have to suffer the loss of open space and the huge increase in traffic congestion their plans would bring to pass, “Community Impact Day” will take on a whole new meaning, one the company won’t have to live with, but we the citizens of Reston will.”
-Reston Resident Dennis R. Read in the Fairfax Times, 8/7/15

Newbridge Cluster Picnic

The Newbridge Cluster generously allowed Rescue Reston to set up an informational table and speak with the community at their Cluster Picnic! They also kindly fed our volunteers who attended.NewbridgePicnic

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RSVP for the Reston Citizens Association 2015 Citizens of the Year Award Ceremony & Reception

Rescue Reston and all constituents will be recognized at the RCA Award Ceremony on Sunday, April 24, 2016, we encourage you to RSVP (click here) for the event so that RCA can plan for refreshments and seating. We look forward to seeing you at the event! Reston Citizens Association Press Release Reston Citizens Association Announces that the Supporters of Rescue Reston Will be Honored as 2015 Citizen of the Year [RESTON, VA]—March 18, 2016— The annual Reston Citizen of the Year Award traditionally honors an individual who has contributed to the quality of life in Reston, helped others in need and acted with the goals of Reston in mind, without thought of personal benefit or recognition. This year, the Reston Citizens Association (RCA) is proud to announce that the 2015 Reston Citizen of the Year will be awarded to the supporters of Rescue Reston, a grassroots organization comprising thousands of Restonians who came together to defend Reston National Golf Course as open green space and succeeded in doing so after mounting a long and resolute public campaign and legal battle. “Typically, RCA has awarded the honor to an individual from Reston, but chose Rescue Reston for 2015 because it greatly represents the things that make Reston very unique –- strong community involvement and passion for core founding principles such as preserving open green space and having ample recreational facilities within the community,” said Sridhar Ganesan, president, RCA. “Thousands of citizens united behind the Rescue Reston cause which resulted in a great public common good for Reston. Being an association of, by and for the citizens, RCA is proud to... read more

RN Golf Management Decides to NOT Appeal to Virginia Supreme Court

Today, our attorney received notification from the attorneys for Reston National Golf Course (RN Golf, LLC) of their decision to not appeal the December 4, 2015 Fairfax County Circuit Court decision that granted the motion for summary judgment filed by Fairfax County. As previously reported, RN Golf attorneys had filed their notice of appeal on December 22, 2015. While RN Golf has stated they do not intend to take the case to the Virginia Supreme Court, they are keeping their options open to “pursue available development options in the future.” Rescue Reston views today’s action as a very positive moment in the fight to save the 166 acres of open, recreational space that is integral to Reston’s vision as a Planned Residential Community. We are incredibly grateful for the actions of Reston residents, Rescue Reston members, Reston Association and Fairfax County and in awe of how the community stood together during this arduous process. Rescue Reston will provide updates soon regarding ongoing actions needed to remain vigilant in monitoring and continuing to protect this valuable Reston amenity. Click here to read the full letter from RNGC’s... read more

Virginia Supreme Court to Consider Unprecedented Challenge of Reston’s Master Plan

Attorneys for the owners of Reston National Golf Course have filed a notice that they plan to appeal our Circuit Court victory to the Virginia Supreme Court. This notice gives RN Golf the right to file a petition for appeal by the 90th day after the December 4th final court order. Our count shows this deadline as March 3, 2016. Our team then has 30 days to file a brief in opposition. “Our team” is Fairfax County, Reston Association and the petitioners whom Rescue Reston is helping with their legal funding. This triumvirate has proven itself through winning at every level to this point. Next at the Supreme Court level: A three-judge panel will consider whether the Supreme Court should hear this case. Most likely this will happen in May. The Court does not take most cases. We expect the crux of this case will be whether the Vulcan Materials case, which said that a BZA decision rendered in the absence of a development plan filed with the county is merely advisory, should apply. It’s not clear whether the Court would think there is any benefit in taking the RN Golf appeal; they might if they wanted to clarify or otherwise modify Vulcan. If you are interested, read about the Vulcan case at Current action for our team’s legal: File briefs in opposition. The petitioners’ attorney will argue that Vulcan applies. The County and presumably RA will file similar briefs. If the Court decides not to hear the case, this action could be over in May or early June. If they do take the case, the next step will be setting... read more
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